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 Criminal Defense, Family Law & Civil Litigation

Areas of Practice

Civil litigation

Our approach to civil litigation is to spend the time up front to craft a strategy to achieve the outcome our clients seek in as little time and at as little cost as possible.  Lawsuits are not won by reacting; lawsuits are won by analyzing all aspects of the case and creating a proactive approach that anticipates every move by both parties from the time of our retention to judgment.

We understand that no two clients and no two issues are the same.  Every case requires precision care and attention.  Surprise is not a word that anyone wants to hear when it comes to civil litigation and we will do the legwork on our end to prevent surprises from ocurring.  If you anticipate issues arising in the future or find yourself in the middle of an agreement gone bad, contact The Law Firm of Mattias Johnson today to analyze your situation and assess your options.   

Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime in Northern Michigan the time is now to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.  Evidence and certain defenses you might have can begin to disappear the longer you wait so it is in your best interest to act quickly. 

Our approach to criminal defense involves a detailed meeting with any prospective client, be it in person, by telephone, or in jail.  We will ask you for every detail surrounding the alleged incident(s) from any background information you may have to the details of your arrest.  We will comb through all police reports and evidence in preparing a vigorous defense strategy moving forward. Our experience in the local courtrooms will help us to provide you with all available options and predictable results. 

If you are innocent of the charges being levied against you or we are able to determine that law enforcement made a procedural error in their investigation or arrest, we will begin fighting day 1 to have your case dismissed.  We will prepare a vigorous trial strategy from the outset and implement same if we are unable to have the case dismissed short of trial.  If we are unable to have your case dismissed and must proceed to trial, while we understand that you may be nervous about the proceedings, you should feel confident in your chosen representation.

Sometimes, whether it be because of an accidental admission or substantial and compelling evidence to the fact that you have committed a crime, mitigating your exposure will be our best strategy.  We will explore every option and our experience in Northern Michigan courtrooms can help us to craft a plea that will keep your life as ‘normal’ as possible given the circumstances.

Family law

No one wants to find themselves in the need of an attorney, but if something has happened within your castle of a home and you are unable to solve it on your own you need an attorney that you can trust that understands the complex issues of family law.  Family law issues often mean that you find yourself, all of a sudden, unable to live in your home or see your children.  You need help, and you need it yesterday.

Contact our office and let us assess the situation and devise your strategy.  There are many considerations to make including what you should and should not be doing while these issues are resolved, and these considerations should happen as early as possible. 

You are entering into potentially the most uncomfortable adversarial confrontations possible and you need an attorney by your side that you feel comfortable with and confident in.  Decisions in the family law context are inherently personal and emotionally taxing.  You want to be sure that you have an attorney by your side that understands your goals and limitations and will fight to protect your interests.  Contact The Law Firm of Mattias Johnson and let us see if we are the right fit for you in your time of need.